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Content Marketing

High quality and valuable content helps you rank higher in search results. Which is why we deploy content marketing plans specific to Telecom that build your brand as a leader. Moreover, our deep understanding of Telecom ensures relevant and accurate content!

Website Design

The face of your company deserves attention! Draw in new customers with lead-generating pages, user-focused layouts, mobile-friendly and high quality design. Our website services also incorporate a holistic SEO implementation. We host your site and maintain it for you as well!

SEO Services

Through our Search Engine Optimization Services, your future clients find you! With a long history in Telecom and proven Marketing skills, we deploy on-going strategic SEO tactics and advise on PPC strategies that produce lasting results for your Telecom business.


We are the preferred marketing agency partner of netsapiens. Our unique partnership benefits netsapiens Service Providers like no one else can. Because of our connection, we know the netsapiens switch inside and out. Giving you a clear advantage over competitors.

Differentiate With
GreenStar Marketing​

GreenStar Marketing is a Telecom specific marketing agency that provides service you can depend on and advice you can trust! Our passionate team has strong roots in Telecommunications and as such is intimately aware of the challenges and opportunities facing companies within the industry.

Our marketing team integrates with your existing team to produce a holistic approach to your website design, marketing campaigns, inbound and outbound strategies, and lead generation. We bring proven skills and expertise that ultimately leads to your growth.

What Challenges Are You Facing?

For the majority of companies generating traffic and leads is an on-going struggle and a common challenge. With a strategic marketing plan each tactic is set forth with your challenges and goals at the forefront. There are solid, proven methods to improving traffic rates which naturally lead to an increase in leads.

The second largest challenge is proving the ROI of marketing efforts. Precision tracking and regular reporting helps solve this challenge with tangible data. Without proper tracking and reporting you could be wasting your own time and money.

Now What?

A proper strategic marketing plan makes sure that each one of your marketing efforts (e.g., blog posts, online advertising, website, direct mailers, etc.) aligns with your overall plan for connecting you with your audience.

The key to understanding and creating an effective strategic marketing campaign is developing a comprehensive plan that allows everyone in your organization to understand marketing goals and the plan for accomplishing them.

What Does An Inbound Marketing Strategy Look Like For You?

Identifying Your Audience

Taking time to identify your audience is a necessary piece of an inbound marketing strategy. That’s why this is our first step towards success.

Analyzing Your Opportunities

Can you open a window if you don’t know where it is? No! Because each business is unique, your opportunities are likewise unique.

Creating Your Strategy

After we lay the groundwork, we work with you to create a custom strategy, built to work for your business. When you use us, you get a true partner.

We Love Our Clients!

It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend GreenStar Marketing.

I generally work with Stephanie Benzik who is our primary contact at GreenStar. Stephanie provides experience and exceptional support in identifying our marketing needs.

GreenStar has done an outstanding job in helping us link our customers, to the market through information used to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems, monitor marketing performance and improve understanding of marketing as a process. They also helped us design methods for collecting information, manages and implements the data collection process analyzes the results and communicates the findings and their implications.

We have developed a great partnership with GreenStar and their dedication to our marketing efforts is outstanding. I would highly recommend GreenStar for any Marketing project.
Dave Privee
Dave Privée
Chief Client Advocate

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