Tradeshow Marketing: Tips & Tricks You Need   

Tradeshow marketing

As a marketing firm, we’ve been to our fair share of tradeshows – from the smallest user group meetings to shows hosting hundreds of thousands of attendees. And we’ve noticed something odd.  There are hundreds of blogs, articles, and videos about how to build the perfect tradeshow marketing strategy, but there aren’t a lot of […]

7 Steps to a Fantastic Marketing Plan 

marketing plan illustration

Marketing is without a doubt one of the most important parts of building a successful business across any industry. Think about it, no matter how awesome your brand is, how are people going to know about it if you don’t put it in front of them in the first place? You need to get your […]

What is Account Based Marketing and How it Affects Your Business 

Account Based Marketing illustration

Ever wondered if there is a more straightforward approach to marketing? Perhaps you haven’t heard about account based marketing. Reaching target audiences is one of the biggest challenges we face in the world of marketing. Consequently, it is also the most crucial step. So, what if we told you that there is a way to […]

Why You Should Be Aiming for Millennials  

marketing to millennials

As millennials become one of the most powerful buying powers out there, many businesses are turning towards this group as their main consumers and wondering how marketing to millennials works. Even though boomers are still the top buying power, we keep seeing industries begin to crumble under the pressure of getting millennials buy and interact […]

DIY Marketing Strategies  

woman researching DIY marketing strategies

Marketing for small businesses can seem like an insurmountable task. However, with a clear focus on what your goals are, who your clients are, and what you can offer your clients, you can craft an effective marketing plan with a high return on investment.  DIY Marketing Strategies: Make a Plan  Even though you may not […]

Types of Marketing You Should Be Doing 

Types of marketing elements

For many small businesses and startups, allocating your marketing resources is a difficult task. After all, there are so many different types of marketing you could sink your time and money into. Which types should they invest in? Which will work well for their business model?   If you find yourself asking these questions, this blog […]

How to Ask for Good Customer Reviews 

Person On Their Cell Phone Giving a Good Customer Reviews

We all know how important it is for a business to have good customer reviews. But in today’s digital world, they’re invaluable. Over 98% of consumers consider reviews an essential part of their purchasing decisions, and those who interact with a company’s reviews convert at a rate that’s 108% higher than average. So why do […]

The Importance Of Brand Identity In Communications 

Hand sketches out aspects of brand identity on paper with laptop on side

In the digital age, brand identity is more important for your business than ever before, especially in telecommunications.  While most companies realize this to an extent, it’s seldom practiced the way that it should.  In fact, having a consistent brand identity can really help grow your business.  According to Forbes, “Consistent Brand Presentation across all […]

The End of Third-Party Cookies (FLoC) (What this could mean for advertisers)

computer using third-party cookies

Since 1994, third-party cookies have tracked internet usage. And since people have known about the advent and use of cookies, internet users have been concerned about their privacy and how cookies impact it. To clarify, cookies are small files that are sent from a website to your computer or mobile device when you visit that website. In this blog post we discuss the end of […]

Lead Generation for Technology Companies

Lead Generation for Technology Companies featured image gstar marketing blog

Technology can be a hard industry to generate leads. First, your employees are experts in their field whether that be data, cloud, communications, and so on, but not marketing. Second, most marketing firms know nothing about technology industries. In this article, we are going to go over a few items that marketers know that you […]