Everything You Need to Know About White Hat SEO Techniques 

white hat seo techniques

Honest people make good business owners. White Hat SEO techniques are the SEO techniques of real people. In contrast, cutthroat businesses that use tactics to sabotage a competitor’s site with manipulative SEO practices are called black hat techniques.  With 80 percent of marketers driving campaigns through blog posts, knowing the truth behind both white hat […]

Call to Action Best Practices & How to Create High-Converting CTAs 

how to write a great call to action

Can you imagine how hard driving would be without road signs? Looking at the road, thinking you’re already late to meet your friend with music blaring in the background, road signs are nice, concise, little reminders to be careful.   We don’t have road signs in the digital world, but we do have Call To Action […]

How to Maintain Your Email List for Better Results 

How to maintain your email list

Welcome again! The email marketing blog series continues. In parts 1 and 2, we explain what email marketing is and how to get started with a list. In today’s blog post, we’ll talk about how to maintain your email list.   You need to nurture, take care of, and learn the preferences of your email list. […]

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