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Full netsapiens v41 integration.
CNAM delivery

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Delivery and Storage

Network CNAM is highly accurate which is why we deliver carrier supplied name values whenever there is one available. This serves as OpenCNAM’s foundation which is then carefully augmented with high-quality, non-network Caller Name data. The result is the best of both worlds, providing the highest coverage in the industry.

Nuisance Call Detection

Telo’s nuisance call detection utilizes a diverse set of signals derived from a wide breadth of high-quality data sources in order to identify unwanted calls without flagging legitimate calls incorrectly.

Toll-Free CNAM

Telo has partnered with Somos to provide a solution to a problem that no existing solution has been able to adequately solve; launching the first-ever authoritative database of Toll-Free records.

Full Integration with netsapiens v41
The full v41 integration allows GreenStar to provide the most trusted and secure CNAM service to netsapiens service providers.

Identify More Calls and Increase Subscriber Engagement
The industry’s highest accuracy and best match-rate helps you properly identify more calls for your subscribers.

Lower Your Costs Without Sacrificing Quality
Affordable caller identification helps you free up more of your budget and still offers an improved subscriber experience. 

Around the Clock Knowledgeable and Prompt Support
From our sales to our support team, we field all questions and tackle all requests promptly following up with the results. 

Product Innovation and Partnerships are at Our Core
We support the growing needs of the communications industry; from trust and identity to enterprise branding.

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CNAM delivery

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