10 Modern SEO Techniques to Try for 2024 

Kickstarting business operations in 2024 will require you to be intentional with your modern SEO strategies. Algorithms are constantly adapting to the rising tide of AI-assistant tech, and it’s critical that you’re ready for those changing algorithms. Fortunately for businesses who may need some navigation pointers when tackling this daunting task, SEO analysts have discovered a few key elements to focus on in 2024.

The Best Modern SEO Practices of 2024  

There is no crystal ball to see with absolute certainty what the most popular SEO trends in 2024 will be, but data is available to forecast what will work best. These metrics have uncovered the following facts about modern SEO keyword trends as we move into 2024.

  • AI assistants have led Google, the top search engine, to focus heavily on SEO-targeting machine learning models.  
  • Keyword trends have changed to reflect these models and other advancing Google features, such as Google voice search.  
  • Voice searches will dominate in 2024, Clear Voice says, basing their figures on the 50 billion voice searches that took place each month this year.  

Top 10 SEO Practices Forecast for 2024   

Based on the outlook reports, SEO optimization analysts have given guidelines for essential steps your business can take to get ahead in 2024. Below are ten prime ways to put your best foot forward in the SEO.

1. Don’t Skimp on Backlinks  

Google’s new algorithms put heavy emphasis on backlinks. These are important, and having a solid list of backlinks in your corner will do wonders for your modern SEO in 2024, algorithm experts predict.   

2. Focus on Title Tags   

This next step is vital to your SEO ranking success because Google’s algorithm will skip over or change the text of title tagging that is either too long or too short, depending on what the algorithm favors.   

3. The Length of Keywords Matters for Meta  

Recent studies find that fathead keywords dominate over long-tales in Meta descriptions. As Google algorithms change, the Meta description ranks higher when fat heads are used. The SEO expert blog SERP Ninja explains that “fat head” keywords are keywords consisting of two words. These fat head keywords are “short, broad, and competitive,” SERP Ninja writers explained. 

4. Dig for Keywords on Reddit   

Reddit is the hub of forum chats that dominated the web in the days when AOL.com was the lead of browser searching, making it a gold mine for modern SEO building. This nostalgic format and cemented popularity make Reddit a prime harvest field for keywords and deep-dive research on what search terms netizens use to look up their favorite subjects online.  

5. Format UX Signals for Rank 

User experience, or UX, is the design style that works like the internet’s architecture, ensuring websites are as functional as beautiful. Before you can optimize your SEO efforts for UX design, however, you need to have a crash course on what UX is and why pointing to it matters.  

First, what is UX?  

Nielsen Normal Group explained that UX “encompasses” all the interactions your customer has with your website. While UX design has similarities with graphic design in its visual, font, and text style practices, UX also ensures that action items work well. Consider UX like how a beautiful skyscraper has furniture in the lobby, fire escapes, restrooms, water refilling stations, and lighting. Each of these elements is in place to balance beauty, functionality, and convenience for the skyscraper visitor. UX does these architectural designs for websites, so you should use them on all your pages.   

Why should I signal SEO to UX?  

Formatting your SEO tags to send UX signals is critical to targeting Google’s new algorithm, Rank Brain, which is ready-made for machine learning models to navigate the web and find their way to your post or media. UX naturally fits into modern SEO keyword structure and implementing it can be done with ease and creativity.  

6. Revamp Your Old Blogs  

As you overhaul your site, you will want to refresh the content on your old blogs using modern SEO keyword structure, revising, restructuring, rewriting, and retagging everything from bygone SEO eras that can be used to signal the Google algorithms of today that new earth is being broken, and fresh traction is coming to those old index items on your site. SEO experts find this is great for retargeting loyal customers who may remember the old content and want to revisit you once the like-new repost triggers their memory.   

7. Make Your Title and Description Tags Pop   

The pros say to succeed in the modern SEO keyword rat race, you need to make your title and description tags pop with actionable language, which is the flavor ingredient that makes your SEO stand out. Doing this will signal to the Google search tools, which function in three stages, that your content is relevant to searchers.  

8. Skim Wikipedia for Broken Link Fixes  

Wikipedia is considered a gold mine for pages that need links to support the encyclopedia-like content. Often, Wikipedia pages will have a lot of broken links as they age, and websites that were part of the content construction at the time the page was posted need to be corrected.

That broken link vacuum is where you can reap the full bounty of filling the pages with your content and build backlink authority for your site in a win-win situation for both parties. SEO analysts love this tactic because Wikipedia indexes the pages with broken links, making this strategy easy to implement and bountiful in reward. 

9. Spy on Your Competitors   

Getting a leg up over your competitors often means being mindful of their strategies. Observe what SEO tactics your successful competition tackles and emulate them. Develop new and better ways to build on the inspiration you draw from. SEO experts agree this is a fine-tuned strategy for scaling your business SEO long-term, from 2024 and beyond. This is because competitor watch is a constant task, is repeatable and is always a necessary and natural business component.  

10. Create a Modern SEO Keyword of Your Own 

SEO optimization experts swear by creating their own keywords. When you develop a course, product, or technique in your business that is uniquely yours, register that keyword as a new keyword that you created. By doing this, you will have planted the first flag on the use of that keyword moving forward, in a move that, like astronauts on the Moon in the 1960s, makes you the first to explore that keyword. You will have first priority and put yourself ahead of modern SEO keyword trends, placing you in the #1 rank for that keyword in Google Trends.

Embrace 2024 SEO Success with GreenStar Marketing 

Elevate your business to its full potential, and ring in the New Year with great expectations with a tried-and-true partnership with GreenStar Marketing. Together, we can challenge competitors and foray into the brave new spaces of SEO in the AI-assistant age. Reach out to us today to explore how our targeted marketing services can empower your vision for 2024 and beyond.  

Stephanie Benzik

Stephanie Benzik

Stephanie is the Senior Director of Marketing at GreenStar Marketing. She started out studying Interior Architecture and Design, but found her true passion in Marketing. Stephanie has been working in the Telecommunications industry since 2013. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, spending time with her family and dogs, and binge-watching Netflix.
Modern SEO Techniques to Try for 2024
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