SEO Services

At GreenStar Marketing, we are passionate about search engine optimization (SEO) and want to help you with our custom, Telecom specific search engine marketing (SEM) services, so you can be confident that your site works for you.

SEO Services
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Not getting enough traffic?​

Or does it seem like the traffic you’re getting isn’t converting as well as it should? Now may be a great time to look into our SEO services. Search Engine Optimization is what helps drive not only visits, but the right visits, to your website!

You need Search Engine Optimization!

We put in the time and research needed to turn your webpages into well-oiled machines with both on- and off-page SEO, so that your customers find you organically. We can optimize existing content or create brand new content for you.

It's important to note that SEO services are an on-going activity. Any time new content is published, like a blog post, that content needs to be optimized for Search Engines. And to prevent that content from going stale, it is imperative to perform regular refreshing and updating of your content and SEO.

Going the extra mile for your business.

In addition to SEO, we also analyze the results to ensure that your strategy is performing at its best and keep you informed with routine reporting.

If you’re ready to optimize your site, or just have questions, reach out to us today. We look forward to having a conversation with you about how SEO can benefit your business! 

SEO Services

SEO Audit

As the first step in a successful marketing plan, an SEO audit allows us to find areas of improvement and unique opportunities. A technical SEO audit is performed before creating a strategy. Then, our team turns our attention to your website analytics and Google listings. Our SEO resources give us the ability to look at your website from a few different lenses so that we can create a competitive SEO strategy that continually builds your website’s credibility.

Keyphrase Strategy

At the core of our SEO services is a thorough keyphrase research process. The keyphrases we target help reach your specific audiences and bring valuable traffic to your website. With a lead-gen based strategy, your website will start attracting high-value traffic and leads. To further capture traffic, we perform competitive analysis and provide informed advice on which competitor keywords your website should be targeting. We don’t stop there, we stick by your side, testing and making improvements to ensure your marketing strategy is working like it should.


Our optimization team zips through your website making hundreds of small and big changes that help your website rank. From technical to on-page SEO, our services increase your website’s usability, speed, and visibility. Through our optimization efforts, your webpages will begin ranking higher in the SERPs. This has a waterfall effect, which increases your traffic, thereby increasing your leads, and ultimately increasing your conversions.

The Building Blocks of SEO

SEO refers to a set of techniques that drastically improve your website’s chances of ranking for relevant search results.

Keyphrase Targeting - SEO Services

Keyphrase Targeting

By using keyphrases relevant to your product or service, your webpages can achieve coveted top search results positions. Targeting keyphrases helps Search Engines identify your content.

On-Page SEO Services

On-Page SEO

Think of it as the Human factors. This type of optimization affects both the content and HTML code of a page or post and has a huge impact on your websites ability to rank.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

With technical SEO services, your site is optimized for crawling and indexing. A vital step in SEO, these techniques make your content visible to Search Engines.

SEO Services & Telecom

Search Engines exist to crawl, understand, and organize the content on the Internet in order to present the most relevant results to searchers. The most important piece of SEO is search visibility. If you want to show up in search results, your website content needs to be visible to the Search Engines. Seems like a no-brainer, right? But if your site can’t be found, you’ll never show up in the Search Engine Results Pages (or SERPs).

Search Engines work by first crawling the Internet for content within URLs. Then they index (store and organize) the content. And finally, they rank the content in order of relevancy. So what’s that have to do with your Telecom business?

Here’s the thing, many consumers start their buyers journey in the Awareness Stage, where they recognize they have a problem that needs solving and begin researching. A rising trend among consumers is that they are performing their own research and will look at 3-5 pieces of content before ever contacting a company. And where is the majority of this research being done in this day and age? That’s right – Search Engines.

Considering the fact that there are only 10 organic listings on page one of the SERPs and only 7% of searchers advance to the second page, SEO services should be a priority for all business looking to retain and/or increase their sales. That statistic only further emphasizes the need to rank well for the search terms that fit your business.

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