Terms of Service

1. FEES.

GreenStar Solutions will charge you the fees stated in your Order. Unless you have made other arrangements, GreenStar Solutions will charge your credit card for the fees stated in your order as follows: for recurring fees, in advance, on or around the first day of each billing cycle. Unless otherwise agreed in the Order, your billing cycle will be monthly. GreenStar Solutions may suspend all services (including services provided pursuant to any unrelated Order or other agreement we may have with you) for non-payment.


Each of us agrees not to use the other’s Confidential Information except in connection with the performance or use of the Services, as applicable, the exercise of our respective legal rights under the Agreement, or as may be required by law. Each of us agrees not to disclose the other’s Confidential Information to any third person except as follows: to our respective service providers, agents, and representatives, provided that such service providers, agents, or representatives agree to confidentiality measures that are at least as stringent as those stated in these General Terms and Conditions, to law enforcement or government agency if required by a subpoena or other compulsory legal process, or if either of us believes, in good faith, that the other’s conduct may violate applicable criminal law as required by law; or in response to a subpoena or other compulsory legal process, provided that each of us agrees to give the other written notice of at least seven days prior to disclosing Confidential Information under this subsection (or prompt notice in advance of disclosure, if seven days advance notice is not reasonably feasible), unless the law forbids such notice.

3. SLA.

The maintenance provided to the Website is typically during our business hours. Testing and staging is done in a development environment. All updates are applied in a best practice manner to minimize issues that may arise.


We do not promise that the Services will be uninterrupted, error-free, or completely secure. You acknowledge that there are risks inherent in Internet connectivity that could result in the loss of your privacy, confidential information, and property.


GreenStar Solutions is not responsible to you for unauthorized access to your data or the unauthorized use of the Services unless the unauthorized access or use results from GreenStar Solutions failure to meet its security obligations stated in the Agreement. You are responsible for the use of the Services by any employee of yours, any person to whom you have given access to the Services, and any person who gains access to your data or the Services as a result of your failure to use reasonable security precautions, even if such use was not authorized by you.


There is no term commitment unless otherwise stated. The Website service is provided as monthly service, if you choose to cancel this service before the term of twelve (12) months, and do not wish to keep the website, there is no cost. However, if you would like to keep the website and take it with you, but cancel within the first year, you must pay the remaining months (within the year) x$99. Conditions may apply based on signup. The 1-year agreement is a firm term. Hosting is provided for free with an environment we pay for. You may use your own hosting if you wish. The website may be hosted by a third party, but the rate for our service (Webmaster), would remain at the same monthly cost. Template updates, security patches and maintenance would still be provided by our team through the Webmaster service. At this time, we do not provide support for 3rd party servers and hosting. GreenStar Solutions reserves the right to change these terms at any given time.

Effective June 1, 2019.

The latest terms can be found on the GreenStar Solutions website by visiting https://gstarmarketing.com/terms-of-service.

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