Why is Social Media an Important Part of Inbound Marketing? 

In the age of information overload, it’s not enough for your business to have a social media presence, it has to offer something of interest to your audiences. That’s where some businesses get lost: social media must be linked with an inbound marketing strategy.  

You might be thinking “slow down, please, what’s all this inbound marketing about?” and “why is social media an important part of inbound marketing”. Don’t worry, if you’re a small business owner who’s not familiar with all this marketing gibberish, this blog is for you.     

Why Is Social Media An Important Part Of Inbound Marketing: What’s Inbound Marketing? 

In the sea of social media posts, ads, and publications your audience wants content with value for them. In this digital age, having social media presence is vital for every form of business, but let’s not be mistaken content for content’s sake is not great: you must create content that people are actually interested in consuming.  People want valuable information that could be helpful for them. That’s what inbound marketing is all about: creating quality content that your (potential) customers want to consume.  

Wix defines inbound marketing as a marketing methodology that creates engaging content to attract people to your business. This valuable content could mean blogs, FAQs, infographics, whitepapers, podcasts, etc. that provide an answer or a solution to your customer’s needs and pain points. 

For example, if your business is a vegan restaurant, you could create a blog about the benefits of a vegan diet. This not only provides your customer with the information they care about but also could lead them to try your restaurant.   

‘Ok, but that’s not the same as creating social media content?’, Nope. It’s similar, but it’s not the same. So, why is social media an important part of inbound marketing?

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Why Is Social Media An Important Part Of Inbound Marketing: The Difference Between Social Media and Inbound Marketing 

Let’s start by saying that social media per se is not a marketing action, but more like a marketing ally. Social media is the whole universe where online communities interact. For example, social media platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, etc. Brands participating in these spaces to reach new customers. And rightfully so, now that more than half of the world uses social media (59%), according to Datareportal. 

Social media platforms give businesses great opportunities to reach a vast amount of people with little to no budget at all. But social media itself won’t reach customers for you. You have to do the hard work. You need to attract users to your page with valuable content for your targeted audience. How do you do that, you may ask. Well, you can utilize inbound marketing! Create blogs, webinars, videos, and more that add valuable information to the general conversation.  

According to Internet Live Stats, there are 10,176 tweets sent in just one second. Exuberant amounts of information are created and shared every day, every minute even. This means that there’s a lot of useless information thrown about.  Use this opportunity to stand out with some quality, helpful content that your audience is interested in. 

In other words, the content you create based on your inbound marketing strategy is the honey, and social media is the platform that you use to attract your flies, or customers.  

Why Is Social Media An Important Part Of Inbound Marketing: The Benefits of Adding Social Media To Your Inbound Marketing Strategy 

So, now we know the difference between social media and inbound marketing, we need to talk about the benefits of adding social media to your inbound marketing. After all, why is social media an important part of inbound marketing?


On average, people spend over 2 hours on social media PER DAY! This gives you FREE access to your customer base. Gone are the days when you need to spend thousands of dollars trying to advertise on the busiest streets for people to see your brand. Now you can be present in a space with no budget at all, reaching thousands of people located across the globe.  


Using social media can help you create your online community, by giving users the content they need while also interacting with them and engaging with their audiences. By opening this space with your consumers, you also get to know more about them: their interests, their necessities, their fears, and what can you do to solve their problems. This helps create relationships that customers look for.  

Brand Awareness 

When you create quality content and share it online for people to see, you are not only trying to attract clients but also showing what’s your brand about: your personality, your values, and your products and services. If your content is professional, helpful, and easy to understand that will translate into how people perceive your business.  

On the other hand, if you have a sloppy social media presence, then that idea will be associated with your brand. So remember, content for content’s sake is never a good choice. Always post thoughtful and dynamic content that customers will appreciate and find useful.  

Boost Your Social Media With GreenStar Marketing 

Now you finally know the answer to the question “Why Is Social Media An Important Part Of Inbound Marketing?”. If you’re considering adding social media to your inbound marketing strategy, say no more! Greenstar Marketing can help you create the right strategy and content that works for your business while managing your brand’s social media. Contact us today and talk with our marketing experts! 

Samantha Synoga

Samantha Synoga

Samantha is a Supervisor of Marketing Services at GreenStar Marketing. Her main focus is on content creation, graphic design, and social media strategy. In her free time, she can be found crafting, binging Netflix, and hanging out with her family (and dog).
Why Is Social Media An Important Part Of Inbound Marketing
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