2023 Website Design Trends

Believe it or not, your website design is just as important as your website content when it comes to business success. In today’s digital-focused world, consumers will judge you – and your products – based on how they are presented on your site. If they’re presented beautifully and intuitively, people will linger and even click through more pages. But if they’re hard to find and awkwardly presented? Say goodbye to even the most dedicated website visitors. 

If you’re looking to attract customers with better web design or are starting a business website from scratch and need some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! In this article we’ll share with you the top 2023 website design trends, that can make your website a customer magnet. 

2023 Website Design Trends: Interactive Designs

Users love being able to interact with your website. A popular design choice for websites nowadays is to include drag interactions where users can pick up and move objects on the screen. Furthermore, some interactive designs take users through a story or experience by having them click on different parts of the screen. Some even have music!  

Take this Body Butters website as an example.  
Another example would be this immersive Gucci Off The Grid website, which was designed to promote the use of recycled materials for high-end designs. It tells you its goal is and its story through a game that you play when you enter the website.  

2023 Website Design Trends: Moving Text

Another awesome design trend to dive into this year is moving text, better known as Kinetic Typography. This design style where letters and words are moving on your screen was popular in the 1960s for title sequences (like in North By Northwest). And – good news – it’s back! The loud and attention-grabbing fonts moving on your screen are great for helping visitors pay attention to what is being said.  

An example of this type of design is the Arcadia website

2023 Website Design Trends: Moving Animations and 3D Animations

Speaking of attention-grabbing designs, we can’t forget about animations. As attention spans get shorter (no shame, we’re guilty of it too) keeping people interested gets harder. But moving images and videos do a great job of generating interest, and their use of them on websites has gained popularity year after year.  

Handwritten Website

An example of simple motion animation would be the handwrytten websites, where the moving images on the homepage pique – and hold – visitors’ attention. And if you feel fancy, you could even it to the next level with 3D moving animations.  

Some examples of that kind of animation are this matruecannabis website and this speciesinpieces website. 

Speciesinpieces Website

2023 Website Design Trends: Y2K Style

Yep, Y2K is back in fashion and in tech. Y2K is all about loud designs and bold fonts. Inspired by the nostalgic “futuristic” trends of the 2000s, Y2K style is a step away from the minimalism we’ve seen from websites over the past few years. Think of it as a mix between the Matrix, Mean Girls, and Myspace, where companies are using fonts and styles that were popular in the 2000s to stand out from their more minimalistic competitors. 

Girls Who Code Girls Website Logo

Y2K evokes a sense of nostalgia in consumers, and that might be why many of them are so drawn to this aesthetic. It came back with a vengeance in 2020 and it’s not going anywhere any time soon.  

Some great examples of websites with this design are the Gumroad website, Olivia Rodrigo’s website, and the popular K-Pop girl band New Jean’s interactive website! 

Video example: Y2K Aesthetic Institute Website by Froyo Tam – YouTube 

2023 Website Design Trends: Ultra-Minimalism

Yeah, we know we said minimalism was out just a few seconds ago, and it is. Instead, designers are choosing to use ultra-minimalism, an exaggeratedly simple take on designs that focus on using as little visual imagery as possible. The cool thing about ultra-minimalism is that it can significantly improve a website’s load time. This velvethammer website is a great example of this trend. It doesn’t make use of colors and there are almost no images, but its design still manages to catch your attention. Another example is this designer’s website

Kerem’s Design Website

2023 Website Design Trends: Layering 

Adding layers of different text, images, colors, shapes, animations and other elements is another way to make your website stand out. Moving away from minimalism again, this trend looks to make your website as visually “loud” as possible. While it may sound like too much, when done well the layering can grab, and keep, your visitors’ attention. An example of this type of design is this website by SYRUP, that uses image over text with a combination of different fonts. 

SIRUP Website

And another example: 

Halo Media Website

2023 Website Design Trends: Brutalism

In direct opposition to tight content organization and clean website structures, brutalism looks for jarring and containment-defying structures. It goes for designs with almost no symmetry and a mix of fonts and images that you wouldn’t think are supposed to go together but somehow…do. Again, think someone’s custom-coded Myspace page.  
Brutalism was popularized in web design as designers wanted to oppose the trend of standardized (or as they put it “boring”) web designs. An example of this type of design is Alicia Key’s website. Another great example is designer, art director, and artist Chrissie Abbot’s website. 

Chrissie Abbot’s website

Need a New Website? 

At GreenStar Marketing, we employ a team of website design experts. We can take your ideas and work with you to create a website that will bring customers in and keep them focused on what you are trying to tell them, while staying true to who your business is. Get in touch with us today and we’ll gladly give you more information on how we can transform your website into a modern, lead-generating powerhouse. 

Alejandra Sifontes

Alejandra Sifontes

2023 Website Design Trends 
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