10 Content Marketing Metrics Necessary for Success

Let’s say you’ve worked hard on your marketing campaign, and it’s finally coming to an end. Well, I got news for you: No, it’s not. After creating, publishing, and sharing your content comes another essential step, although often forgotten: content marketing measurement.   

We need to analyze the results of our content so we can learn our areas of opportunity, what we are doing well, and where we can improve. In this case, content marketing measurement is what you need. 

In this blog, we are going through 10 content marketing metrics that will help you measure the success and impact of your content marketing strategy. 

Social Media Engagements 

These are all user interactions with a brand’s social media. These include likes, comments, shares, and any other way of user engagement. This content marketing measurement metric helps you understand what topics resonate better with your audience and its behavior.  

Organic Search Traffic 

Organic search traffic indicates the number of visitors to your website without clicking on paid advertisements. It helps you determine how effective your SEO strategy is and if the content you’re creating is helpful for users.  

Keyword Ranking 

Keywords are words or phrases users type in search engines to find information on a certain topic. As part of an SEO strategy, you can create content with a specific keyword in mind to rank on a search engine results page (SERP). Keyword ranking measures how well your content is ranking, and it helps you understand how your content (or your competitor’s content) is performing.  


Impressions indicate the times your content has been displayed, whether it was clicked or not. This metric helps you understand your content’s reach and exposition.  

Traffic Sources 

Traffic sources help you understand what has led your visitors to your website. Was it your social posts? Search engines? Your email marketing campaign? This content marketing measurement tactic can help you determine your most effective channel and optimize your strategy accordingly. 

Conversion Rate 

Conversion rate measures the percentage of visitors who completed a desired action, for example, filling out a form, downloading a whitepaper, or purchasing one of your products. This content marketing measurement indicates if the content is compelling the audiences to take the next step in their customer’s journey. 

Click Through Rate (CTR) 

Click-through rate or CTR is a ratio that indicates how often people who see your content end up clicking it. This content marketing measurement helps you assess the effectiveness of your content.  

Return On Investment (ROI) 

As indicated in its name, ROI is a metric that measures the profitability of an investment or a content marketing campaign. ROI compares the cost of creating and promoting content to the profits or revenue generated from it. A formula used to calculate content marketing ROI is the return minus total investment divided by investment, and that answer is expressed as a percentage.   

Engagement Time 

Engagement time is the amount of time users interact with a piece of content. This shows the interest that a piece of content generates in your audience.  

Engagement Rate 

On the other hand, engagement rate measures how much your audience is engaging with your content. This metric considers all interactions depending on the platform you’re analyzing. In websites, it can be scroll depth, engagement time, bounce rate, etc.; in email marketing, it can be open rates and click-through rates.  

Greenstar Marketing: Your Content Marketing Measurement Ally! 

Do you want to decipher what these metrics say about your business online? Contact the experts at Greenstar Marketing! We can guide you through the whole marketing campaign process, from creating the perfect strategy for your company to creating quality content that resonates with your audience. Contact us now and get to know the effect of Greenstar Marketing on your content marketing metrics!

Stephanie Benzik

Stephanie Benzik

Stephanie is the Senior Director of Marketing at GreenStar Marketing. She started out studying Interior Architecture and Design, but found her true passion in Marketing. Stephanie has been working in the Telecommunications industry since 2013. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, spending time with her family and dogs, and binge-watching Netflix.
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