Unveiling the Game-Changing Content Marketing Trends of 2023  

Marketing will always be a key component to the success of any business. It doesn’t matter how good of a product or an idea you have if you people don’t know about it. That’s exactly what marketing is for, bringing awareness of a product or brand to the public.  

However, the way marketing is performed constantly changes. Consumers are not interested in the same marketing tactics for long, and with technology moving much faster, emerging content trends are also changing rapidly. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about the content marketing trends for 2023.   

What are the Most Common Content Marketing Trends in 2023?  

So why do trends change so fast nowadays? We can thank the high-speed nature of the internet for that. The world around us, including the business world, has changed. And while we have had the internet around for a while now, it isn’t until recently that we have seen trends come and go at the speed of light. Quickly changing trends isn’t a bad thing if you can keep yourself informed. So, let’s explore the current trends shaping 2023.   

Trend 1: Conversational Content Takes a Human Approach  

Spending power is slowly changing hands from the Boomers to the Millennials and Gen Z. With this change of buying power, a change in marketing also needs to take place. Millennials and Gen Z grew up in a digital world. Due to this separation caused by screens, they yearn for authentic interactions and a sense of empathy from the brands they associate with. Brands that embrace this shift have a unique chance to resonate deeply with their audience.  

Through conversational content, businesses can engage in genuine dialogues, understand their audience’s needs, and showcase empathy—a quality that has now evolved from a choice to a necessity. For years now, brands such as Amazon, Uber, and Lyft have been using conversational marketing to automate processes. But now, these automated responses need to have actual meaning behind them.  

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Trend 2: Video Continues to Dominate, But Short-Form Content Takes Center Stage  

Next on the list of content marketing trends, we have the rise of short-form content. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram reels have managed to capture consumer’s attention, and for brands, having a consistent presence on there can give them a competitive edge. Trends drive short-form videos, and businesses can easily promote their services or products through them without sounding like they are trying to sell something.  

For example, Duolingo has been doing the whole TikTok trends thing perfectly. Using viral sounds, they use their mascot, the Duolingo owl, to join in on current trends. Their presence on TikTok has gone beyond a brand trying to promote their products and shifted into an account that’s entertaining to the public. This has gained them 7.4M followers on the platform.   

Trend 3: Personalization Redefines Connection  

You know how when you scroll through your social media feed or browse online, and you often see stuff that’s just perfect for you? It’s as if the internet knows exactly what you’re into. Well, that’s because that’s exactly what’s going on.  

Personalized algorithms drive today’s content, and as a brand, leveraging information about your target audiences can help you get your business right on their feeds. It sounds creepy, we know, but it isn’t. Consumers have behavioral patterns that are easy to figure out with their demographic information. Using data and analytics, you can find audiences interested in your brand.  

How does personalized content help consumers feel connected to your brands? Well, imagine your business sells sand-proof towels. A person with kids in Florida comes across your brand on TikTok. Your TikTok shows how your towels help keep sand away from people’s houses, and now a person struggling to keep the house clean when the kids come back from the beach has seen it. They would feel connected with your business because you’re offering something that helps with their problem. But how did your TikTok get in front of the right person at the right time? You can thank TikTok algorithms for that. Your target demographic was people in beachy areas with children, and that’s who TikTok targeted.  

Trend 4: Purpose-Driven Content Gains Ground  

Current generations care about buying from brands that align with their views and values. This is why it is now important for brands to bring their missions and values to the forefront of their marketing. For example, 45 percent of Gen Zers say that a brand “appearing trustworthy and transparent” is a big motivating factor.  

Let’s say you are selling phone systems. Instead of just being like, ‘Hey look, we have cool phones with the newest features,’ you could advertise your phones by sharing what your mission is when selling them. This can sound something like, “Our phones keep people connected and help small businesses access quality technology for lower prices.”  

It’s important that you don’t fall into performative activism or fake allyship. Instead, bring out the true core values of your brand and use them to connect with your audience.  

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Trend 5: Immersive Experiences with AR and VR  

For today’s last content marketing trend, let’s talk about augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) and how they reshape content marketing. These technologies, once confined to science fiction, are now emerging as powerful tools that brands leverage to engage audiences in innovative ways.  

Augmented reality, or AR, intertwines digital elements with our real-world surroundings. You might remember the sensation created by Pokémon GO a while back—that’s a prime example of AR in action. Nowadays, businesses are utilizing AR to offer consumers virtual product trials, enabling them to visualize how products might fit into their lives. It’s like bringing the store to your doorstep through the screen. As this technology progresses, it’ll become easier for businesses in different industries to access it, and hence, it will become a more common form of marketing.  

Why Is This Important, and How Do I Stay in the Know?  

Staying up to date with trends helps you stay ahead of the curve and deliver value to your audience by ensuring that your strategies remain relevant and resonate with your target demographic’s changing preferences and expectations. This proactive approach positions you as a reliable source of cutting-edge solutions and insights in your industry. To stay in the know, you can follow industry leaders, join online communities, read industry publications, take online courses, experiment with new tools, attend industry events, and keep up with GreenStar Marketing’s blogs.  

Need a Marketing Strategy to Make Your Business Stand Out?  

Stay ahead of the curve with GreenStar Marketing. We are here for you if you need any assistance with your content creation! The experts at GreenStar Marketing are up to date with current content marketing trends and can help you elevate your brand and drive unprecedented growth. 

Alejandra Sifontes

Alejandra Sifontes

2023 Content Marketing Trends
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