Creating a Great About Us Page 

The about us page is without a doubt one of the most important pieces of a business’s website. Whenever somebody happens to land on your page, whether on purpose or by accident, most of the time they don’t really know much about your brand to begin with, they are probably there looking for a service or a product. The about us page is where they’ll go to find out if they can trust your brand or not. 

This is because, as consumers, we are looking to buy things or services that will be of actual value to us, and we can determine trustworthiness by looking at brand history, values and mission amongst other things like reviews. So, stick with us through this comprehensive guide of how to create a great about us page: 

What Makes an About Us Page Good? 

There are a couple of things that can make an about us page good, but the most important thing has to be making it genuine and true to your brand. This is where people meeting your business for the first time will get an idea of what working with you would be like. It’s important that you tell your story or your businesses story. Think about it as if a friend was asking you to tell them about your business for the first time. 

You would tell them how it started, why you did it, what your mission is and probably how you see it in the future amongst other things. So, the process of writing it can be pretty straightforward, and what you consider most important to highlight is up to you, however, here are some tips you can follow: 

  • Tell your story: What inspired you? What got you started? All of those things make up your brand story, and customers love hearing about what you’ve done or overcome to get where you are now. 
  • Establish your mission: Why does your brand exist? What can it do for others? Missions draw people in, because they let people know what your ultimate goal in the industry is. 
  • What your Values are: Many studies have shown that people are drawn to brands that share the same values as them, especially the newer generations. By sharing the values that you abide by, you’ll draw in customers that are likeminded and that will buy from you because they relate to your brand. 
  • Talk about Milestones: Tell your story by referring to how your business grew, or how it’s currently growing. People love hearing stories about growth, and if you have any missteps or underdog stories to tell don’t be ashamed to tell them! If your business is new share how you see yourself in the future. You can also share where you got the idea for your business or what ultimately drove you to get started. 
  • Explain who your business caters to: Let people know from the get-go if doing business with you is right for them. Not everyone will be the right customer and that’s okay!  
  • Talk about your service or product: Last but definitely not least, speak about what you’re offering! This is your product’s time to shine! In this page you will explain what your service is as a whole. For example, if you sell sweets you don’t need to go into detail explaining each of the pastries you offer, instead you would say something along the lines off: We have the tastiest sweets in town! 

Let’s Talk about Design: 

Words aren’t the only important thing here; you also must think about what the page will look like. Here are a few tips on how you can make your about us page visually stand out: 

  • Use your Brand Colors: This page has to be cohesive with the rest of your website, however, choose the most attention catching colors out of your color palettes to grab people’s attention. 
  • Use graphics and images: If you have photos of your business or your team this is the perfect place to share them! Keep it professional with business headshots, or you could even share team photos taken at office events, as long as they look polished and professional. Customers love to see real people to relate to their stories.  

If you don’t have any pictures to share you can use stock pictures, but it is still better to use images of humans. If you have any presentation videos to include, go for it! Images and videos help keep people engaged for longer. 

  • Make it easy to read: Choose fonts that align with your brand, but that are also easy on the eyes. Furthermore, make sure you are separating paragraphs and making use of the right punctuation and grammar, so people don’t have a hard time reading while on your page.  

Let GreenStar Marketing Help You: 

Well, there you go! Now you know how to create an amazing about us page that will make your website stand out. But we cannot let you go without letting you know that we are here to help! At GreenStar Marketing we have an incredible team of marketing professionals that can take the work off your hands and create amazing website content for your business. If you would like more information, get in touch with us today and we’ll gladly get you started. 

Alejandra Sifontes

Alejandra Sifontes

Creating a Great About Us Page
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