Targeting Rich Snippets 

When working on a valuable marketing plan, content creation and SEO are some of the most cost-effective steps you can take to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck. As you invest your time and money into growing your organic reach, there are a few things that can make a big difference. One of these things is called Rich Snippets.  

As one of the most important and largest search engine companies, Google can be a major gatekeeper for your content. And, while rich snippets will not guarantee a high search engine ranking, they will ensure that your content is eye-catching and exciting for the intended audience which increases the click-through rate from the Google search page.  

Normal Snippets 

A normal snippet is what you expect to find when you google something. The listing will have a title tag, a meta description, and a URL. This is your snippet. 

What are Rich Snippets?  

In addition to the information given through a normal snippet, Rich Snippets (or rich results) are Google search results that have added information and data that is appealing for the searcher. The added information is from the page’s HTML and structured data. Keep in mind that even though structured data improves and is good for rich snippets, Google states that structured data will not boost your rankings. 

The added data used to create Rich Snippets can be imagery, ratings, and other information that would be intriguing to a reader. The imagery is especially important for pieces that may not rank as high in search results and search engine optimization as other pieces.  

Structured Data 

Structured data gives Google information about your content. For example, Google does not necessarily know basic information about your business. Important information that you will need to provide includes hours of operation, address, phone number, website, etc. When you include this information, you are not only telling your customers but also the search engine. Sharing this information with the search engine gives the opportunity for the search engine to provide this information as a rich snippet.  

Types of Rich Snippets 

There are several different types of rich snippets. While some of these snippets can be very niche, the 8 most common types of rich snippets can often be seen on several different types of websites.  

  1. Organization – Basic information such as business hours, business address, contact information, and business logo all improve the rich snippet.  
  1. Product Markup – product information is not only valuable to customers, but also to google. Information on pricing and product images can be beneficial.  
  1. Reviews – Reviews on the internet are given in stars. Displaying a 1-5 rating can be very intriguing for a reader.  
  1. Top Stories – Top stories are for approved Google News sites. These websites can appear in a special box in the search results.  
  1. Events – All the information about the event will help boost the data in the post. Time, location, and dates are all key information that should be posted.  
  1. Video – Video should have clear markup, as search engines are machines and cannot watch videoes. Appropriate markup helps the search engine understand the content of videos.  
  1. Recipes – Recipes are extremely popular. Offering data such as reviews, prep time and images can improve the rich snippet.  
  1. Music – Rich snippet data for music includes release dates and concert dates.  

Want to Learn More? 

If you want to learn more about rich snippets and how to utilize them to benefit your business, GreenStar Marketing has your back. As professional marketers, GreenStar Marketing is up to date on SEO and search engine tips and tricks. Contact the GreenStar Marketing team to get started improving you search engine results and growing your organic reach today! 

Stephanie Benzik

Stephanie Benzik

Stephanie is the Senior Director of Marketing at GreenStar Marketing. She started out studying Interior Architecture and Design, but found her true passion in Marketing. Stephanie has been working in the Telecommunications industry since 2013. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, spending time with her family and dogs, and binge-watching Netflix.
targeting rich snippets
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