The Rewards of ChatGPT: Using AI Well  

ChatGPT pros. Everyone’s talking about it, and according to recent research, almost everyone uses it. You’ve probably used it. But are you using it well? Because, like any new tech tool, how you use ChatGPT will determine how it impacts you and your business – whether it’s helpful or harmful.    

If you’re using ChatGPT – but aren’t sure if you’re using it well – this two-part blog series is for you! We will be unpacking the following:   

  1. The Rewards of Chat GPT. When and how to use AI to your greatest advantage.  
  1. The Risks of Chat GPT. What challenges could your business face via AI-driven content, and when to avoid using it altogether.  

Let’s start with the rewards – what you can do with ChatGPT and how to do it well.   

ChatGPT Pros: Produce Targeted, Unique Content 

This reward is one of the most obvious. Instant content generation? Most excellent! But there’s a catch. If everyone else in your industry uses ChatGPT, your information will start sounding the same. To stand out from the crowd, don’t use AI as a crutch. Use it as a tool! Here are a few ways you can generate content that’s unique to you and your brand: 

  • Experiment with different styles and tones. Doing so lets you figure out what style and tone fits your brand the best. It also helps your content stand out from the crowd by giving it a bit of flair and originality.  
  • Have it mimic your personal writing style. You can use ChatGPT to create a prompt that can mimic your style of speech and writing. It’s not a fool-proof system, but it can help get you started! 
  • Get weird. Giving AI content generators more open-ended prompts will leave more room for them to get creative and give you unique results! For instance, I asked it to generate a poem about GreenStar Marketing, and the result was wonderful.  
I think it summarizes us quite well, don’t you?  

QUICK TIP: Think about AI-generated content as a starting point, not the end product. So be sure to edit and fine-tune wherever (and whenever) possible. 

ChatGPT Pros: Research Important Topics 

Because ChatGPT has studied vast amounts of information across multiple disciplines. And that makes it the perfect partner when researching industry topics. You can use ChatGPT to: 

  • Simulate an expert. Put ChatGPT in the shoes of an industry expert and host an interview! It can play the role of anyone, from a sales executive to a history professor. Doing this helps you find credible, scholarly sources and allows you to gain expert information without hunting down an expert of your own. 
  • Gather & report recent statistics. Trying to find the most popular marketing podcasts of 2020? Or hunting for statistics regarding the popularity of anime in the United States? ChatGPT can quickly search through hundreds of studies and provide you with the information you need. 
  • Access information you couldn’t before. If you’re looking to summarize an article, a study, or some other piece of information but can’t access it, you can ask ChatGPT to investigate! After all, it’s been trained on vast amounts of data from thousands of sources. Odds are it has that article in its databanks.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure you’re double-checking all the sources it cites. Especially links. Because ChatGPT presents information that either isn’t accurate or just…doesn’t exist. But more on that later. 

An example of the “ask an expert” prompt.

ChatGPT Pros: Brainstorm New Ideas & Strategies 

Sometimes, you’re just stuck. You must write about a specific topic, but you’ve got nothing. ChatGPT is an excellent resource for that! Here are a few ways it can help you break through your writer’s block. 

  • Listing potential topic ideas. But don’t just ask for a list – that’s how you get bland, run-of-the-mill content. Ask for the AI to focus on topics that are fun or unconventional. 
  • Write about a topic from different perspectives. Prompting ChatGPT to do this allows you to think about a subject in a different light, find (and address) concerns that might come up, and decide which perspective fits your brand the best. 
  • Identify opportunities in a specific industry. When correctly prompted, an AI generator can list current industry trends, common pain points of a specific customer base, preferred solutions, and more, all based on market data. 
An example of a blog topic generation prompt.

3 Ways to Keep Getting the Most out of AI 

It takes human intuition – and ideas – to make the most out of AI content generators. And while the strategies I outlined are helpful, it’s up to you to find the “perfect fit” regarding AI prompts. Here’s how you do it: 

  1. Be Specific. To get the most out of an AI, you need to know how to prompt it. That takes using simple but specialized language. Oh, and industry knowledge too. For example, 

Instead of writing like this: “Write an email marketing campaign for [insert product].” 

Try something like this: “Using the ‘Emotion-Logic’ framework, write an email marketing campaign that connects with [ideal customer persona] and creates a desire for our [product/service]. Use emotional appeals to connect with the reader and logical arguments to convince them to act. Include talking points such as [emotion], [pain point], and [desired action].” [Source: Chase Diamond, LinkedIn] 

The more specific you get with an AI, the better the resulting copy will be. 

  1. Be Strategic. Decide when you’re going to use AI and how. Are you going to use it to generate blog topics? Write a synopsis of a complex idea? Aid in your research? Whatever you choose, be sure AI enhances your writing – not doing it all for you. You’ll find out why in part two. 
  1. Get Creative. Without your creativity, all an AI can do is just spit out what’s been written before. The content will be mediocre and won’t stand out from your competition. But when the AI’s working alongside you? The sky’s the limit!  

And that’s all for today, everyone! Thanks for reading to the end, and I hope to see you again in part two! 

GreenStar’s Human Touch is the Key to Marketing Success 

Yes, ChatGPT can provide helpful insights and a few cool benefits, but it takes more than an algorithm to truly understand the ins and outs of an industry and to develop effective marketing strategies. That’s where GreenStar Marketing comes in.  

We’re an all-human team of marketing experts who know exactly how to take your business from good to great. With our solutions, you can say goodbye to cookie-cutter content and hello to tailored strategies that drive real results. So, what’re you waiting for? Reach out to us today to get started

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