Building an Email List: Essential Tips and Best Practices…Part 1 

Picture this: a virtual community of engaged individuals eagerly awaiting your updates, promotions, and valuable content, all delivered right to their inboxes. An email list is not just a mere collection of email addresses; it’s a powerful tool that opens the doors to direct communication, trust-building, and exponential growth. Today, we want to dive deep into one of the most well-known inbound marketing tactics, email marketing.   

What is Email Marketing, and Why Do You Need an Email List  

Email marketing is a marketing strategy where you send targeted messages with valuable content to an audience. It can help you to promote your business and services, but it also helps to strengthen your relationship with your customers.  

The first challenge of email marketing is that you need people’s email addresses. An email list is the result of gathering your customers’ or leads’ emails and their consent for you to reach them. So, when you’re developing an email marketing strategy, part of your job is to find ways to add suitable people to your email list. In this blog series, we will guide you through the creation of your email marketing world from scratch.   

But before you start thinking this is too much effort for some emails, let’s discuss the benefits of email marketing, shall we?   

Email Marketing Benefits   

Let’s get right to the point, here are some of the benefits of investing so much time and effort in email marketing:  

  • It’s a low-cost strategy. Once you have an email list, you have access to send emails to your target audience without needing to invest a substantial funds.  
  • It has a wide reach.  This means that you can deliver a single message to many people for a low cost.   
  • Reach people who are interested in your brand.  When you capture a customer’s (or potential customer’s) email, you can ensure that the audience you are intending to reach is appropriate. 
  • It’s an opportunity to engage with your customers. Email marketing is also a way to show your value to your customers. Email can help strengthen your relationship by providing them with valuable content. For example, you can email them with tips and tricks on using your tools and products, answer common FAQs, or ask them for feedback.     
  • It’s a tool you own. Yes. This means you have complete control over how to use your email list. So, you can be as fun and as creative as you want when you’re implementing new things in your email marketing strategy.  
  • It has a great Return on Investment (ROI). 
for every $1 spent on email marketing, brands get $36 in return. Source: Litmus

This can be higher in some particular industries.  

These are just a few of the amazing benefits that email marketing offers. But to enjoy them, you must build, divide, and organize your email list…and put it to work!   

Luckily for you, we’re all about sharing. In the next post, we’ll tell you some magical ways to pump it up and bring life to that email list. It might take some work, but with these benefits, it’s definitely worth the shot.   

Get Started with Your Email Marketing Strategy Today!  

If you’re interested in learning more about email marketing and how to create your own email list, don’t forget to read the rest of our blog posts about it. You can also turn to our experts at GreenStar Marketing to design a plan for you to get your email marketing strategy going. Reach out today, and let’s start making some emails!   

Samantha Synoga

Samantha Synoga

Samantha is a Supervisor of Marketing Services at GreenStar Marketing. Her main focus is on content creation, graphic design, and social media strategy. In her free time, she can be found crafting, binging Netflix, and hanging out with her family (and dog).
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