How to Improve Your Social Media Organic Growth and Why You Want to

Social media is an important tool that any business can take advantage of to get ahead of the competition. If leveraged correctly your social media can make a dramatic difference in your growth and in generating customer loyalty. Despite popular belief, social media growth is not fully dependent on paid advertising, nor efforts that come from outside your own marketing plan. 

What is Organic Growth for Social Media? 

In social media, the term organic growth refers to the traffic that you can drive to your pages without any paid promotions. This means that somebody found your page “organically” they came across it for x or y reason, for example another page that they do follow mentioned you on a post. This will then get them to interact with a post, follow or in any way engage with your page because they might feel some sort of connection towards your content. 

For this reason, creating quality content that people can identify with is very important. Just picture yourself scrolling through your feed, what makes you stop and ‘like’ it? This most likely happens when any post sparks emotions for you, whether that’s happiness, sadness, or even outrage. Using this same principle, think about what content you can share that will resonate with your audience and attract likeminded people. 

Why is Organic Growth Important? 

Organic growth is crucial for a valuable social media presence. If you want to turn followers into buying customers, you need actual humans interacting with your page, and if said humans were driven to your page because they could relate to something they saw, they are more likely to pay for your products or your services.  

If you have a website, organic growth is also the perfect way to drive traffic towards it. For example, people are very likely to click on links in your profile to see what you’re all about, even if they decide not to give you a follow. Overall organic growth can give you the momentum you need to have a strong business presence amongst customers. Even if it is slower than other types of social media growth, the time invested in it pays off.  

How to Improve Social Media Organic Growth 

There are many ways to improve your organic growth, and the awesome thing about it is that most of them don’t require expensive budgets. If you are consistent with your strategies, and put in the effort to grow the following techniques can help you improve organic growth:  

  • Know your target audience and stay consistent with what they like to see: If you know what type of consumers you have, creating content for them will be an easy task. Ask yourself, what resonates with your audience. Furthermore, stay consistent with the content that you already know will work. 
  • Use hashtags: Hashtags can make all the difference in people finding your posts. Most social platforms have algorithms that push your content to people that will be interested in it based on their other likes. Furthermore, with a hashtag, people are able to search for a specific topic and find the content they are looking for. 
  • User-generated content is your friend now: User generated content is when users post about your business for you. Not to be confused with using paid influencers, UGC is organic, which means that person posted about your product or talked about their business because they liked it and not because they are being paid to do it.  
  • Create a unique brand image: Your brand has to be distinguishable at every point of your social media journey. People need to be able to identify you anywhere and remember your brand name. 
  • Redirect your resources to focus on high engagement posts: Don’t overcomplicate yourself! Use analytics to see what content performs the highest and reproduce that content in different formats or talk about related topics. Use your resources to create content that you already know performs well. 
  • Build a marketing team: Social media is not an easy job. If you are at a point where you can have people help you with your marketing plan, having a marketing team can make a huge difference. A team of professionals with social media experience can help you grow faster and more efficiently. 

GreenStar Marketing  

We sound biased, but at GreenStar Marketing we believe we have mastered many organic growth strategies out there. Our team of marketing professionals can help you increase organic growth for your social media pages, so you have one less thing to worry about. Going off our last point up there, if you don’t have a marketing team in-house, we can become that for you. So, give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to chat with you about how we can help!  

Alejandra Sifontes

Alejandra Sifontes

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