Pro Tips for B2B Appointment Setting 

If your business deals mostly with B2B operations, you know just how hard it is to market your product. Especially if cold calls are part of your plan. Did you know that B2B appointment setting can make all the difference in your business? In this blog, we will discuss what B2B appointment setting is and a few pro tips to help you with your appointment setting.  

What is B2B Appointment Setting? 

Let’s start with the basics. What is B2B? B2B stands for business to business. This is where businesses create products or services specifically for other businesses, not an end user or consumer.  

As intuitive as B2B is, appointment setting is even more so. B2B appointment setting is when a sales representative sets or books appointments to discuss their company’s products and services with a potential client.  

Why is B2B Appointment Setting Important? 

When working with leads, building a relationship can help move that person along the sales funnel. If you have a representative focused on appointment setting (and relationship building) instead of closing a deal, you can improve and build a great reputation with that lead.  

If you are focused on B2B appointment setting instead of sales, you have a better chance of speaking directly to the main decision maker. This gives your representatives the opportunity to educate the potential client about any pain points your product can solve.  

Pro Tips for B2B Appointment Setting 

If you are new to the B2B appointment setting game, you may need a little assistance setting everything up. Below you will find some tips that’ll help you get started.  

Pro Tip 1: Research, Research, Research 

Have you ever had a dream about going to school and taking a test that you were unprepared for? Did you wake up in a panic? Going into a B2B appointment setting situation without doing research on the company you are talking to could end in the same result.  

At the very least, you should know the company name and who the main decision maker is. Along with this basic information, you should know the industry in which they serve.  

While researching companies, you may realize that this company is not a great fit for the product and/or services that you offer. Then you can cut the line before wasting any more time.  

If you are unsure where to find this information, start with LinkedIn. Other places you can look up this information are GlassDoor, Google Business, or any media coverage on your target company.  

Pro Tip 2: Cast Your Net Wide 

However, if you have a good marketing plan in place, your cold calls could actually be warm calls. Why? Because of brand recognition. 

Brand recognition can be built through building your organic reach. This can be done by creating great content for your social media and your business webpage. When leads find your information on their own, they start to build trust with your company and start to remember your company’s name.  

One way to think about how marketing can increase your conversion rates is this flow: make a post of social media, send an email about same topic as social media post, make cold calls about said topic. If you are targeting the correct audience for all 3 of these methods, then by the time you call your lead, they will have already seen the social media post and email.  

If your target audience has already seen your educational information, they should be ready to discuss how your products and services can improve their offerings. Thanks to your great marketing plan, lead decision makers should be ready to book their appointment with you to further discuss your offerings. 

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Pro Tip 3: Consider Your Client 

There’s an old saying that goes ’you can catch more flies with honey.’ In this case, it means that you need to be considerate of your potential clients. Be polite when you reach out to them. Also, consider the time of day and day of the week that you are reaching out to leads. No one wants to take a business call at 4:55 on a Friday!  

Learn More About B2B Appointment Setting 

If you’re interested in learning more about B2B appointment setting or would like some more pro tips, reach out to the specialists at GreenStar Marketing. Not only can we give you more pro tips on B2B appointment scheduling, but we can also help you create a great marketing plan to help move leads along the purchasing funnel.  

Lori Bowman

Lori Bowman

Lori left her teaching career at the end of the 2020/2021 school year to join the GreenStar marketing team. She has a background not only in education but also in public relations and business management & marketing.
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