Selling In Telecom In 2022 & Beyond 

Business has been unpredictable due to shutdowns causing companies to go remote, back to work, back to remote, all at the drop of a hat. However, one thing is for sure, selling in telecom in 2022 has shifted immensely. What used to be a face-to-face selling experience has turned into a virtual experience that keeps salespeople tuned into their customers’ specific needs. Selling in 2022 doesn’t have to be complicated. When sellers are on top of trends and end-user requirements, their knowledge and value to customers goes up. As a seller, it is important to know what today’s demands are and constantly be gauging what will be needed for their customers in the future.  

Selling In Telecom: The Sales Journey 

No matter where you fall in the selling in telecom chain, how you sell to your customers in 2022 has changed drastically in the past 5 years.  


As a distributor, a ‘show and tell’ style of selling has gone to the wayside as companies turn to digital resources. This isn’t all bad. However hard it is to make changes, a more streamlined approach to selling is just what customers need. An e-commerce shopping website where customers can search through a digital catalog is exactly what customers need to remain socially distanced while still accessing the products they need.  

However, it is important for distributors to be able to contact their online shoppers. A voice call between the distributor and the customer is vital to building a lasting relationship that will keep the customer coming back for years to come.  

One way to make a connection with customers is to have customer service representatives available on the companies’ website through the chat box. Through the chat, customers can get recommendations and service help that they would not receive if they were searching the site on their own. 


Just as distributors had to rethink their selling in telecom strategies, so did resellers. The pandemic forced nearly all aspects of telecom into the virtual space. 

Virtual selling has created more opportunities for sellers to contact their customers. While virtual selling could be difficult for some industries, virtual selling in telecom has some amazing perks. Through virtual selling, the sellers are able to demonstrate how their product works first hand. In a time when businesses are doing everything they can to quickly convert to digital, a firsthand demonstration can seal the deal faster than traditional sales tactics.  

Resellers also need to be very conscious of their online persona. Digital content has become more important than ever, and online efforts need to be well thought out and useful for customers. With clever content marketing and a knowledge-rich website, organic reach will grow.  


As mentioned earlier, digital assets can help land deals. However, it’s important to understand how the customer and client have changed over the past few years.  

Sales will increase as more value is offered. Customers want a supplier that offers support and knowledge. If leveraged correctly, these two things can help build trusting relationships between customers and suppliers.  

Tips for Selling In Telecom 

While working with customers, it’s important to listen to what they are saying or asking. No one wants a salesman to pitch them the same old script. If the customer is really being listened to, they will feel valued and will more than likely buy from that seller.  

One last thing to remember is that 70-93% of person-to-person communication is nonverbal. That means when a seller is on an audio call with a potential customer, they need to pay special attention to voice inflections and really hear what the customer is saying to best meet their needs.  

Content Creation Causing you Chaos? 

One of the most important aspects of selling in telecom 2022 is online presence. With the right content and the right image, your telecom business can boom.  

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Lori Bowman

Lori Bowman

Lori left her teaching career at the end of the 2020/2021 school year to join the GreenStar marketing team. She has a background not only in education but also in public relations and business management & marketing.
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