Everything You Need to Know About White Hat SEO Techniques 

Honest people make good business owners. White Hat SEO techniques are the SEO techniques of real people. In contrast, cutthroat businesses that use tactics to sabotage a competitor’s site with manipulative SEO practices are called black hat techniques.  With 80 percent of marketers driving campaigns through blog posts, knowing the truth behind both white hat SEO techniques and black hat SEO techniques is one of the most vital compliance checks you can make for your business’ honest and empowered future.

What Is White Hat SEO?  

White hat SEO refers to ethical search engine optimization tactics in modern SEO terms. Search Engine Journal explained that, earlier in the history of SEO, white hat SEO techniques referred to those SEO techniques that were different than “black hat” SEO, or SEO that was considered unethical and risky SEO practice.   

Why White Hat SEO Techniques Matter   

White Hat SEO techniques follow a code of ethics that promotes the traditional values of the ethical business while competing up to par with the rapid-fire race of modern search engines. The principles established by white hat SEO techniques instruct ethical governance to the grit of detail, an invaluable asset when scaling operations without room for oversight.  

Some of the Primary Benefits of White Hat SEO 

The general benefits of white hat SEO techniques center around their keeping you in Google’s grace. These white hat SEO techniques likewise support you in the following ways:  

  • Cost Efficiency: White Hat SEO is, in the long term, cheaper to implement than other forms of SEO.   
  • Long-term Branding: Google rewards good behavior for the long haul, allowing your content to remain relevant in search engines on what marketers call an “evergreen” basis.   
  • Helpful To Searchers: Good SEO serves the needs and interests of the general Google searcher. White Hat SEO ensures that the needs and wants of Google users are met consistently by providing engaging and helpful content and not created solely to spam Google SERPs with clickbait.  

How White Hat SEO Techniques Support Your Site  

White hat SEO techniques have two-fold benefits to support your site growth. First, white hat SEO tactics prevent your site from being penalized by the Google algorithm. When a site does not follow ethical SEO practices, Google will flag that site, causing an impact that can have devastating consequences for a site trying to scale its market presence.   

What the Numbers Reveal About White Hat SEO Efficiency   

The old expression “numbers don’t lie” is true with white hat SEO. Statistics show the relevant growth that responds directly to white hat SEO techniques and behaviors made to build steady progression graciously on the Google platform.

Understanding white hat SEO is important, but going a step further, it is essential to understand what black hat SEO tactics look like compared to white hat SEO technique counterparts.  

What Black Hat SEO is and What IT Does   

Black Hat SEO refers to SEO techniques that manipulate search engines in a way that stretches outside the scope of what is fair competition. This SEO trickery involves “spinning” an article or writing multiple versions of the same article to push it to search engines like different content. Still, it lacks the quality that constitutes white hat SEO techniques.   

The Harm of Black Hat SEO   

Google has cracked down hard on black hat SEO practices, and yet, SEO analysts still see these tactics happening in 2023, with devastating results for both the target of the negative SEO campaign and the perpetrator. Recent observation of negative SEO finds that saboteurs use link farms to sabotage competitor sites.  

Short-term Gains, Long term Consequences  

Google will penalize a business for years for using such nefarious tactics as Google Bowling. In contrast, Techratis notes that avoiding black hat SEO safeguards the future of your business. While black hat SEO could give you short-term gains, it promises long-term consequences, whereas white hat SEO techniques guarantee the complete reverse, promising Google favor and steady returns for years.  

Bring White Hat SEO Techniques to Your Site   

You must bring meaningful white hat SEO techniques to your site that will satisfy Google search needs. You can improve the quality of this query result for your location in various ways. Still, three main categories are powerful for positioning your brand message in the bull’s eye and structuring a solid platform foundation:   

1. Offer Google Search Essentials Optimized Content   

Great content builds on the idea of generating content that Google search users want. Continue by optimizing this content for Google Search Essentials. Google Search Central breaks this down into bite-sized steps you can take, making small efforts and constant improvements to adjust to the ever-changing SEO sphere. 

  • Use Common Words: Google says using words that people use in everyday speech is critical to ensuring your content is search engine friendly.  
  • Use Easily Spoken Words: Voice Assistant AI has transformed how searchers search for content. Use short and to-the-point keywords over longer keywords, as these are easier to say aloud to a microphone for Google Voice Search. An easier spoken word will be a Google Voice searcher’s go-to word, making it prime real estate for Google Search Essentials optimized content.  

2. Ask and Answer the Same Questions Google Searchers Seek    

Keyword searches from a tool, such as Google Console or Google Trends, give your team direct insights into the exact words and phrases searchers use when making queries. These phrases will hint at what topics matter to your niche searchers. Knowing what they care about most should drive your content creation, as you act like a mind-reader and a guru of the topic with your bottomless knowledge of the subject matter.   

Google user Gray Kvale wrote to Google’s forum directly complaining that they had reported “multiple times” extreme dissatisfaction with Google queries that yielded utterly irrelevant results. Even avid platform users are jaded by generic queries that generate untargeted results.    

3. Make Your Site Friendly for Mobile Users  

Mobile phones have taken over the world. When you put it in perspective, it makes more sense for your site’s pages and content to fit in a mobile phone’s window and read well when someone is scrolling on a mobile device.  

Embrace the Rewards of Honesty with GreenStar Marketing  

Your good deeds in using white hat SEO techniques should be rewarded. When you partner with GreenStar Marketing, you harvest the total return of your honest efforts at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Contact us today to start seeing the prime SEO results from the sweet honesty of white hat SEO techniques. 

Stephanie Benzik

Stephanie Benzik

Stephanie is the Senior Director of Marketing at GreenStar Marketing. She started out studying Interior Architecture and Design, but found her true passion in Marketing. Stephanie has been working in the Telecommunications industry since 2013. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, spending time with her family and dogs, and binge-watching Netflix.
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