Transforming Marketing Strategies with AI 

Artificial Intelligence has captured the world’s attention. The recent advancements in AI, including ChatGPT, have prompted numerous businesses to reevaluate how they do things. There are many industries eager to use AI, which can be a good thing. However, many need to remember first to analyze the opportunities they have with AI. 

For us marketers, the opportunities that AI offers are infinite. And they can help us save time and money. If you’re having trouble envisioning how your marketing strategies can improve with AI, say no more. We got you! 

What Is AI Marketing? 

In this blog, when we use the term AI Marketing, we refer to any marketing efforts we do and any strategies we create with AI’s help. 

This could be analyzing data, creating texts, or improving the customer experience. AI Marketing can be beneficial to you and your business in many ways. That’s why companies are adopting AI in their internal processes. According to HubSpot, more than 80% of industry experts integrate some form of AI technology into their online marketing activities. 

AI Marketing: Chatbots and Customer Service 

Chatbots powered by AI has become a popular solution among marketers. According to this recent poll by HubSpot, 66% of marketers use chatbots. They can provide personalized customer service at any hour of the day, any day of the week. Also, a response from a chatbot can be immediate, improving customer experience. That’s why 62% of consumers would prefer to use a customer service bot rather than wait for human agents to answer their requests. 

Did you know? Chatbots function by a type of artificial intelligence called reactive machines. As their name suggests, this type of intelligence reacts and responds to different prompts. That’s why chatbots can respond to messages with the correct information.  

AI Marketing: Creating Content 

As mentioned in past posts, we can use AI to create targeted content. According to the same poll by HubSpot, marketers also said they commonly use visual AI tools (57%) and text generation tools (56%) to help create dynamic content. This can be very helpful in different stages of your content creation process. 

Do you want to find the personality of your brand? Utilize different styles and tones with AI to find what’s more suitable for your product. Should your copy sound more fun or, otherwise, more corporative? Let AI write both and see what works best for your brand. 

But this not only applies to text. Perhaps you’re looking for a featured image for your post that has not been used before by you or by your competitors. This task can appear simple, but it can take up to 20 minutes to look for a unique, not overused picture. With AI, you can eliminate the search process and describe exactly what you need. 

Example of an image created by AI in Canva. The directions were “lady using her phone with a dog by her side.” 

Also, if you’re interested in more AI platforms you can use to create content, we wrote this blog on how to find your perfect match by comparing AI writing platforms. 

AI Marketing: Creating Customer Profiles 

You can use AI to get insights about your customers. For example, if you’re more data-driven, you can ask AI to analyze your customer’s data: age, demographics, purchase history, customer journey, etc. AI can gather this information quickly so you have more time to analyze it. Utilizing this method allows you to identify trends and patterns and use that information to your advantage for future strategies. 

You can also perform simpler tasks that can also save you some time. For example, if you’re selling seeds for farmers, with AI, you can do fast research on which problems farmers deal with. This can give you more ideas and a broader perspective on how your seeds can benefit farmers.   

Start Implementing Your New AI Marketing Strategies with Greenstar Marketing 

Are you ready to start creating your marketing strategies using AI? If you still need to learn how to use AI, we at Greenstar Marketing would love to guide you through the benefits that AI can offer. Contact us now and start revolutionizing your marketing strategy with the help of our experts! 

Samantha Synoga

Samantha Synoga

Samantha is a Supervisor of Marketing Services at GreenStar Marketing. Her main focus is on content creation, graphic design, and social media strategy. In her free time, she can be found crafting, binging Netflix, and hanging out with her family (and dog).
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