iPhone’s New Privacy Policy Will Overinflate Email Analytics Via Open Rates

When you create a marketing plan, you need to include as many avenues as possible that service your target audience. If you leave out any of the popular avenues, you may be letting a few key players fall through the cracks. Email is a vital marketing avenue, as this list should be built from leads and customers.   

Email Analytics 

One of the most useful aspects when using email marketing is email analytics. This data can give you valuable information about your marketing efforts. Email analytics can tell you how many people click on your email, how many users read your email, and even how many people click on links within your email. On the other hand, these analytics can let you know how many emails were non-deliverable, how many people unsubscribed, and how many people left your email unopened.   

These analytics are very informative and very important for a clear look at your email marketing efforts. But, with recent updates to their privacy policy, iPhone and Apple are wreaking havoc on these all-important email analytics. This article will take a peek into the effects of this new privacy setting.   

Unreliable Apple Email Analytics  

Apple users now have the choice to have their emails downloaded by Apple servers. Why is this a big deal? If the content of an email is downloaded, your normal analytics will read that as an opened email regardless of if the intended audience has opened the email or not. Therefore, your email open rates will no longer be accurate.   

As stated before, it is very important to know if your intended audience is opening and reading your emails. If your Apple users have chosen to have their emails downloaded, your open rates will be overinflated for those users.   

Unavailable Analytics   

There are times when your email marketing seeks sponsorships and other advertisers. This is usually when you create newsletters. As you seek out these sponsorships and advertisers, the best practice is to supply those people with your open rates. You may lose out on these opportunities due to a lack of reliable information.   

Analytics Affecting Automation   

Email automation can be affected by analytic anomalies also. If your automation is based on open rates, you could be in for some trouble. Apple’s privacy settings will hide unengaged email recipients. Therefore, some reengineering could be on the horizon for your email automation.   

Spam Emails  

Email analytics is often used to identify unopened emails. This is important because if an intended recipient isn’t opening their emails, they could think of your content as spam. When a potential client or current client is looking at your content as spam, they are forming a negative opinion of your company.   

With Apple’s new settings, your IOS users that are not opening your emails could be developing this negative opinion of your company without you even being aware of the problem. This can be negative for you and annoying for your Apple users.   

Analytical Advantage of Android  

Android users will give you more accurate data. This is important due to the demographics of Android vs. IOS users. IOS users are at a higher purchasing price demographic. Keeping this in mind, you need to understand your product and your specific target audience. Are your clients more likely to fit into the higher end for net worth, median, or lower end? This is important to know. If your target audience is from the lower end, then your analytics will be less affected by the IOS privacy settings.   

Need Help?   

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Stephanie Benzik

Stephanie Benzik

Stephanie is the Senior Director of Marketing at GreenStar Marketing. She started out studying Interior Architecture and Design, but found her true passion in Marketing. Stephanie has been working in the Telecommunications industry since 2013. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, spending time with her family and dogs, and binge-watching Netflix.
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