What is Account Based Marketing and How it Affects Your Business 

Ever wondered if there is a more straightforward approach to marketing? Perhaps you haven’t heard about account based marketing. Reaching target audiences is one of the biggest challenges we face in the world of marketing. Consequently, it is also the most crucial step. So, what if we told you that there is a way to sell directly to your highest value customers, that your marketing efforts could be more directly aligned with your goals? Well, there is, welcome to Account Based Marketing. 

What is Account Based Marketing? 

In account-based marketing, you focus your strategy on creating personalized buying experiences for accounts that bring the highest value to your business. The sales team works hand in hand with the marketing team to identify these accounts and to optimize your marketing approach.  

Inbound Marketing 

Account based marketing and inbound marketing go hand in hand. When it comes to targeting your high value customers, you do not want to overwhelm them with outbound marketing strategies like ads, cold calls, etc.; you want to reach them with valuable content that will be helpful to them instead.  

This is where inbound marketing makes a difference for you, with content like how to guides or testimonials. The other important part of inbound marketing is your SEO strategy, which if done correctly, will organically attract your customers to your content. Therefore, inbound marketing can be the first step to a successful inbound marketing strategy. 

How Does Account Based Marketing Work? 

Account based marketing does not work like your typical sales funnel. For your strategy to be effective, there are a few things you should keep in mind: 

  • As mentioned before, marketing and sales are a team here. A successful strategy will ensure that the customer can experience a seamless transition between the two areas. This is easily accomplished by assigning clear roles and responsibilities. 
  • Establish an ideal customer profile, so its easy to know what to aim for in the first place. Ask the question: What would be a high value customer for my company? 
  • Once you know who your customer is, create an action plan. This will be the blueprint for how you will market your product or service, through the understanding of what exactly your customer wants when buying from you. This plan will help you strengthen weaknesses in your marketing efforts and add personalized experiences that will make a difference for your customer. 

How Does Account Based Marketing Affect Your Business? 

Because account based marketing gets the guesswork out of the way, you will be able to focus all your team’s efforts in one place, even when working with multiple clients across different industries. While a solid account based marketing plan implies personalization for each account, your overall strategy will remain the same, the marketing and sales team will be consistently working towards similar goals meaning that the working experience will be seamless for your team and for the customer, even if people within the team rotate for any reason. 

How Does Account Based Marketing Affect Your Customers? 

Furthermore, account based marketing provides a unique experience for each customer, which increases your brand value significantly, anyone would prefer to work with a company that is accustomed to their needs specifically.  

Your plan will also allow you to provide quality experiences consistently. Measuring analytics and ROI will also be less complicated because you will be able to gather data from each account individually, this will quickly give you an idea of what clients are ideal for your business and will allow you to further put effort into them.  

GreenStar Can Help You Get Started with an Account Based Marketing Plan: 

We can make any process easier for you. Let our experts at Green Star Marketing guide you in the creation of the perfect marketing plan for your business to grow. We know a thing or two about creating valuable content to make any customer feel special.  Get in touch with us today, and we can get your account based marketing plan started for you! 

Alejandra Sifontes

Alejandra Sifontes

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